Cavity Wall Insulation

save on your annual energy costs with Icynene cavity wall insulation

The Icynene Pour formulation is the ideal insulation for insulating cavity walls and confined spaces. Icynene insulates and air seals the complete cavity wall down to the smallest pinhole.

The pour fill version slowly expands within the cavity over a period of 3-5 minutes. During that process it will insulate and airseal the complete cavity wall down to the smallest pinhole. And Icynene spray foam is ideal for insulating cavities that are already partially filled with other insulation.

Why Choose Icynene for Cavity Wall Insulation?

Icynene is the leading 100% water-blown foam insulation that:

  • minimizes air leakage for increased energy efficiency
  • creates a healthier indoor environment
  • reduces airborne sounds
  • offers greater design freedom
  • maintains its performance with no loss of thermal resistance over time
  • it does not shrink, sag or settle.

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