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The Icynene Insulation System receives full certification for direct application to breathable and non breathable membranes and bituminous felts

GMS Insulations are pleased to announce that after extensive testing The Icynene Insulation System has received full BBA Certification for direct application to breathable and non breathable felts and membranes”. Having very low water absorption levels and certified breathability and air permanence levels Icynene is very safe for this application and delivers a superior level of insulation and air tightness. This certification allows for Icynene to be applied safely to existing structures such as sloping roofs, dormer style houses and attic spaces.

Icynene Insulation System Receives BBA Approval

Icynene the leading manufacturer of soft foam Insulation products has been awarded BBA (British Board of Agrement) Certification.

This follows the European Technical Approval issued by VTT and ratified by the members of EOTA (the European Organisation for Technical Approvals) earlier this this year.

The Agrement Certificate was awarded after Icynene successfully completed a comprehensive assessment, involving laboratory testing, on-site evaluations and inspections of the manufacturing operations. This will now enable Icynene to develop its operations in the Irish and UK Markets.

"This is an extremely import milestone for us as we seek to build our UK and Irish business," explained Gerry Sheridan Managing Director for GMS Insulations Ltd who are the distributors to the UK and Irish markets. "We are now able to respond to the demand for our product that has been building as the news of the performance of our products in the UK, Ireland and other European markets reach specifiers and consumers.”

When sprayed in place this growing building product expands to 100 times its initial volume creating a complete insulation and air barrier blanket thereby reducing your energy costs by up to 50% when compared to more conventional insulations. The pour fill formula which is suitable for existing buildings and closed cavities expands at a slower speed and expands at a ratio of 60:1; this is to ensure that no damage is caused to the outer or inner leaf of existing structures.

Unlike some other foam insulations, lcynene is 100%, water blown and contains no blowing agents or harmful emissions, like HCFCs, HFAs, HFCs, formaldehyde or crucially any PBDEs (Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers) which are linked to a number of health issues. In addition unlike other foams, Icynene will not decline in U value over time, will not decrease in thermal resistance with increases in thickness and will not absorb water. The product also comes with a life time guarantee and will greatly contribute to achieving a highly rated energy efficient home.