Below is a small sample of satisfied customers who have had The Icynene Insulation System installed in their homes.  If you require a reference or testimonial from a customer in your area do not hesitate to contacts us and we will be delighted to provide you with names and contact details.

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James & Alison Courtney Drumlish Co Longford

“We had the walls and roof of our new build timber frame home insulated with Icynene in 2004 and it is a decision we have never regretted. The completed job was finished in less than two days without any fuss or disruption and the contractor left the house spotless before they left, We have a Heat recovery ventilation system in our house which works well with the Icynene as the house is so airtight, our oil bills work out at less than €1 per day and the Icynene application in the attic space looks exactly like the day it was fitted. We also got our internal walls and floors insulated with Icynene and are amazed at how quiet each room is in our house in addition to eliminating noise coming from outside”.
Projected completed by Icynene Contractor Polar Insulations Dunshaughlin

Caiman Coyne Inisbofin Island

“We had our new build house insulated with Icynene in 2011 and have achieved an all round U value for walls and roof of 0.15 with an airtightness of 1.23m3/hr/m2, we use solar power for space heating and rarely have to rely on fossil fuels for space heating or hot water. The Insulation work was carried out in two days and eliminated the need for transporting large amounts of bulky conventional insulation to the Island as all the insulation required came on the spray truck to the island which was hassle free and very convenient. “I chose Icynene due to its long history of successful operating and for its unique qualities which no other spray foam has”. For further information visit
Project completed by Icynene Contractor Airseal Insulations Galway

Caitriona Conboy Moyne Co Longford

“We had 150mm of Icynene installed to the underside of our slated roof in September 2011 during renovations of our 1950s two storey house, since then we have noted a 50% reduction in our home heating bills in addition to the Icynene securing the slates to our roof, we also noted a remarkable reduction in sound coming from the outside such as traffic and machinery operating as we live quite close to a very busy quarry, the foam was installed in a half day by the contractor who left the house spotless after the foam was installed”.
Icynene contractor Ultimate Insulations Boyle Co Roscommon.

James Cogan Carrigaline Co Cork

“We had Icynene installed to the sloping section of our roof and immediately noticed a vast improvement in the warmth and comfort of our home in addition to a very quiet environment, the work was completed in a very short time by the contractor who was very knowledgeable and provided us with plenty of information every step of the way”.
Icynene Contractor Munster Spray Foam Insulation

Ray Heavey Naas Co Kildare

Having spent many hours researching foam insulation for felt roofs I was relieved to meet a company who had the right product for our application and also knew what they were talking about. All technical information and research behind their product was available to back up their claims, which wasn’t the case with other contractors I talked to. They removed all fibreglass insulation from the roof space and created one complete foam insulated space. This was something that all other contractors I talked to said couldn’t be done. While work was being carried out there was no impact to the rest of the house and the work area was left clean and tidy every evening. I would be happy to recommend A Plus insulation to anyone considering this type of foam insulation.
Icynene Contractor A Plus Insulation Dublin and Portlaoise

Paul Harris, Drumree, Co Meath

Just a little note of thanks. Not only did the foam provide extra heat in the house but it also soundproofed the rain outside too. I love it – -would recommend it to anyone – the house definitely stays warmer for longer. The Hall/Landing is where I was most concerned but it’s no longer like a fridge. Your boys were great – in and out – no mess. Best of luck with the system.
Icynene Contractor Polar Insulations Dunshaughlin